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Monday, June 13, 2011

Dynamics of cover

in this section i will explain the dynamics of cover. the types of cover how different types of cover can provide different opportunity's and much more so lets begin

what is cover. cover is an object that you can put in between you and your enemy to make it harder or even not possible to hit. good cover as shown down below can make it very to kill you
but the same apply's to the enemy's. as the picture below shows the machine gunner is in very good cove there s only 2 ways to shoot him if the front and in the back. as you can see to his left and right are walls you cant shoot threw so the enemy has only 2 options attack from the front and or the rear for the sake of the lesson right now the enemy will attack from the front.


the machine gunner can see him very easy because he is out on the open with no cover. a easy target. now lets switch prospective for a minuet now you are the person trying to assault the machine gun. the machine gun is in what i would call heavy cover. most of his body is protected
by walls you cant shoot threw making only 3 options for attack a chest shot, a headshot, or a grenade threw the window. option 3 is not a viable because the machine gun will kill you before
you get into grenade range. so you have to ling up a kill shot in a split second or you are dead

before we go on i want you to look at the picture below and try and see what would be good cover


now in this picture i have circled 2 very good spots for cover


not all cover is meant to stop bullets. some is meant to obscure vision as shown below. a smoke grenade can block the vision of a enemy if they cant see you they cant shoot you. smoke cover can also be used to get within weapons range. i personally used smoke grenades with the riot shield to get close in MW2.


smoke is not the only cover meant to obscure vision a favorite of snipers is the bush or tall grass. bushes or tall grass are great for hiding. tip let the enemy run past you and shoot them in the back most games you do more damage if you shoot them in the back. and they cant return fire because there back is to you. word or warning tho make sure there is now a guy following him or you yourself will get shot in the back


always move from cover to cover more time you spend out in the open the more you will get shot

well thats it i will cover cover more in a advance lesson for next posts topic will be how to assault a entrenched enemy in cover hope you enjoyed the post vote in the poll to tell me what you want me to cover and remem


  1. Gotta use line of sight to your advantage.

  2. very true but im trying to get the basics done first i will prolly get to more advance lessons in July because there is so much to cover

  3. The cover is definitely important in tactical shooters like Counter Strike, not so much in Call of Duty though. :P

  4. Great tactics!
    I'm not the best gamer, I need help!
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    we have similar interests!

  5. Always good to see someone taking the time to talk about the finer points of gaming