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Sunday, June 12, 2011

FPS 101 part 1

Sorry its been a few days sense my last post work kills me at times. Well lets jump right into this. FPS or First person shooter is a genera of video game where you take the place of usually a soldier spec ops. or something along the lines of that. It is always in first person or like its you who is going threw the events of the game. odds are you have played a FPS befor.
There is alot and i mean alot of Fps's out there but here are some more notable ones. Half Life 1 and 2, all of the Call of duty's, day of defeat, counter strike. At first a online Fps can be very hard and the learning curb can be very high.

Rule 1. know the controls of the game know how to sprint duck jump shoot throw grenades the basics. every one hates the guy who has to ask how do i go prone or how do i plant the bomb. so learn the basics play the single player or if its online only start a server and practice.

Rule 2. know the map. it is very important to know the map and all the spots it can save you alot of anger if you know the map. learn the basic camping and sniping spots know where the choke points are one well placed Machine gun or sniper can pin down a whole team and can let your team win the round. know if there is any world objects that can be used to sway the round n your favor. id there a mortar you can use or a wall you can blow to gain access to the enemy's rear. never underestimate the power of a mortar or a way to hit the enemy's rear.

Rule 3. For the Love of god use cover. i cant put a enough emphasis on this. most Fps's now you cant just run out into the open and start shooting you will die way to fast. move from cover to cover to drastically increase your life span if they cant hit you they cant kill you. but not all cover is good cover some walls objects benches can be shot threw they will help a little bit
but you can still get killed. not all cover can protect you some is meant to hide you.

this is it for now i might put out part 2 tomorrow depends on what time i get up


  1. I would almost say rule 2 should be rule 1. Good post keep it up.

  2. Wish I could have seen this years ago when I got the original Xbox...

    Moving from a Super Nintendo to that was a pretty steep learning curve, especially with that controller

  3. Good info, I'm a big fan of first person shooters

  4. You need to know the map to do anything really. :D