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Sunday, June 12, 2011

FPS 101 part 2

well i cant sleep so i might as well get this done and its fun to write so lets start

well rule 4 is so big it gets its own post

Rule 4.Know your weapons wand what they can do. its funny when you see a noob running at a sniper with a shotgun from half way across the map. now to prevent this im going to tell you what to do. know the map size first off is it big mid or small. dont want to use a smg on a very big map you are gonna get picked iff b4 you can get in range. if you are on a big map stick to rifles snipers some games can let you pick your loadout some wont depending on the size of the map and the setting you should pick them.

large maps - if its wide and open lots of big open spaces with little cover i would go with a sniper so you can try to pick them off before they can see you. but with this comes a problem what about enemy sniper will cover how to deal with that in a more advance post but for now we will talk basics. when sniping always pick a spot where you have a clear view of a open area and ample cover so they wont see you right away. if the game has kill cams relocate after every kill or two to prevent from getting counter sniped. if you can have a buddy with you to prevent getting rushed and taken out by a guy with a auto cause if you miss your first shot your screwed.

mid range maps - now if the map is a mid range map i would pick a assault rifle you have alot of options with this you can go fully auto if the guy is close you can burst if he is somewhat far away to go auto and if you have good aim you you can headshot him from a distance with one round smgs are also a good choice if the map is urban and has alot of room to room fighting smgs offer a very fast rate of fire but dont do alot of damage most important is grenades they are your best friend in a mid range map because they have range and alot of killing power you can kill half a team if they are clustered together and dont forget most games now you can throw back enemy grenades and you can cook grenades or hold on to them and then throw them right before they explode this can be very helpful said grenade if cooked right will explode in miid air increasing the blast range by a little but the real reason to cook grenades is so the enemy wont have time to run away from the grenade careful if you cook it to long it will explode in your hand now most games have the grenade explode after 5 seconds from when you pull the pin so time it for the range you want it to explode try to aim for it to explode at mid chest level for best effects takes some practice but is easy when you get the hang of it

small or cqc maps - small or cqc (close quarters combat) maps are fast hectic and fun best weapons are smgs grenades and melee weapons the cqc map is where the smg shines you dont have to be spot on with aim and you can kill 3 or 4 guys with one clip if you get lucky always keep on the move dont try and camp a small map you will get a grenade shoved up your arse if you try to
if you think there is more enemy's then you can handle in a room cook a grenade and throw it in
right when it explodes it will atleast hurt them and shell shock them ( shell shock is when something explodes next to you if freezes your screen for a second most FPs's have it now) when the enemy is shell shocked is your chance they cant see you and you can see them perfect chance to shoot the bugger in the head now last but notr least is melee weapons almost all Fps's have them now and they almost always kill in one hit not all do but most do best time to use them is when you are running into a room and you run into a enemy melee if faster way to kill a person then shooting and it does not make that loud a noise but i will cover this more in a advanced post

well this is it for rule 4 hope it helps


  1. I really should follow this tip, but I am stubborn and always stick to Assault Rifles no matter what the situation. I just hate snipers. I can't use them. I feel physical stress when I have one. I have trouble staying in the same place for too long. I think I have deep seeded mental health issues. For games like Halo, I have no problem using shot guns, but in COD, using shot guns is almost as stressful as using a sniper rifle. What is wrong with me.

  2. earl nuthing is wrong with you you fell stress cause if you miss the shot its almost a death sentence ether you get counter sniped right away or you give away your spot and get rushed it takes time to get used to it but when you get good you cant stop cause you turn into a killing machine and for the shotgun the same thing apply's shotgun range is so short if you miss the shot you get killed cause you have to pump it to fire off another round i suggest in cod use a semi auto first to get better at aiming when you can headshot people in one shot from somewhat a distance you are ready for a sniper or that is what i did

  3. Awesome blog.
    You're a good gamer bro.
    Show me some love!!

  4. Good stuff right here. Great tutorial so far

  5. Being a sniper is extremely important in BFBC2. :D Snipers actually provide main firepower, believe it or not.