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Saturday, June 25, 2011


you guys wanted it says the poll so you got it this post is about team tactics

1. know your team your there strengths weakness. easy way to put it is dont give a guy who sucks with a sniper rifle the sniper spot on your team in a match that matters. i may post a link to a video of my realism unit to show how a well oiled team works but that wont be for a little.

2. move in for a lack of a better word tandem bit spaced out so a single grenade cant kill off half your squad. cover each other if you need to move under fire have your team give some covering fire and like wise give them covering fire.

3. watch grenades friendly fire is a bitch i know alot of games like black ops does not have ff but tact shooters do. if your game has a radar or a mini map that shows team mates check it before you throw a grenade into a room with your teams sniper in it. use your mini map or radar see where team mates die thats where the enemy is

well its late i will post part 2 in the next day or 2

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