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Monday, June 13, 2011

FPS 101 part 3

now for part 3

Rule 5. TEAMWORK TEAMWORK TEAMWORK. it is very important to win a round. from calling out a snipers location to enemy movement to where you are planting the bomb. learn to call out snipers locations when you get sniped. it warns teammates and gives you a chance to out flank and kill him or atleast suppress him so he can get off less shots less shots means less dead teammates witch = better chance of winning. call out enemy movements like 3 guys coming up threw back ally lets your team know and have a chance to ambush them or stop them from capping a flag planting a bomb. your team is the best weapon you have in any game cause with out your team you wont stand a chance.

Rule 6. know how to maneuver. say there's a hot spot(a hot spot is where a big fire fight is taking place) if you think you will die know different routs to get around it or even better know a rout witch will put you at the enemy's rear and then you pretty much have free kills. if you can maneuver well enough you can even get to places that you cant normaly get to and some of tho's spots are perfect ambush spots like ontop of a door or roof.

well this concludes my FPS 101 posts next post will be the dynamics of cover and maybe a intro to sniping and counter sniping hope you enjoyed this lesson


  1. totally agree with you, TEAMWORK!!

  2. Keeps getting better and better!
    Teamwork is the key to success!!

  3. It really depends on the game because some games you can solo easier. But yeah, most games teamwork is E-E-E-ESSENTIAL.

  4. Teamwork. I love chatting to random people and setting up strategies etc.. Great post!

  5. Without teamwork you can't get anywhere.

  6. Teamwork is not needed for every game. You don't need it in CoD unless you play Domination, Demolition or HQ. :P